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Driving Experiences ATM-Chiptuning

Chiptuning performed by ATM-Chiptuning is a successtory, either in the Netherlands, Belgium or Spain. On this page you can find mails and comments form customers.

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Volvo - S40 - 2.0D 136pk

By: Rudi on 08-03-2017

Volvo - S40 - 2.0D 136pkMuchas gracias para la repro, Mi coche era el S40 D3 con motor 2.0D, lleva 150cv, ahora tiene 200cv y esta mucho mejor en la respuesta y acceleration. La caja cambia perfecto y mas antes. Un saludo...

Porsche - Cayenne - 3.0 TDI 240pk

By: Boris on 04-10-2016

I wanted some more power for my Porsche Cayenne 3.0tdi. I went to ATM-Chiptuning Spain in Altea and they helped me out. The results are amazing, the car responds so much better. It is a true Porsche now...

Nissan - Qashqai - 2.0 DCI 150pk

By: Jose on 18-03-2014

Nissan - Qashqai - 2.0 DCI 150pkToday I had my Nissan Qashqai reprogrammed and I am very happy now! before in the lower revolutions nothing happened, I really had to floor it (while the car had 150 bhp!) now the engine is more lively...

Volkswagen - Golf 5 - 1.9 TDI 105pk

By: Daniel on 14-03-2014

Volkswagen - Golf 5 - 1.9 TDI 105pk  	I have a 1.9tdi Bluemotion with 105bhp. After the reprogramming that is 142bhp! It is a totally different car now, unbelievable, much quicker but not nervous or anything. And consumption is even less tha...

Alfa Romeo - 159 - 1.9 JTD 120pk

By: Patrick on 07-05-2013

Alfa Romeo - 159 - 1.9 JTD 120pkUnbelievable...you change a program inside the car and it is like having a new car. I dont understand it, just know I love what you have done. Finally I have a Alfa that IS quick and sporty like Alfa sho...

BMW - 1 serie - 116D 115pk

By: Jose on 26-04-2013

BMW - 1 serie - 116D 115pkWOW! why didnt I ever hear about this!? My BMW 116D went from 115bhp to an amazing 192 bhp!! turns out the 116D has the same engine as the 118D (143bhp) but tuned back by BMW to sell as a 116D. So after...

Mini - Cooper S - 1.6 T 175pk

By: Ronald on 26-10-2012

Mini - Cooper S - 1.6 T 175pkI almost sended my car to the Netherlands for a chiptuning..then I found that ATM-Chiptuning also has a branche here in Spain. Called them and 2 days later they came to Torrevieja to optimize my car. Af...

Mercedes-Benz - ML - 280 CDI 190pk

By: José on 23-10-2012

Mercedes-Benz - ML - 280 CDI 190pkEstoy muy curioso pero se nota..

BMW - 1 serie - 118i PB

By: Miguel on 23-10-2012

BMW - 1 serie - 118i PBMi coche es uno de gasolina pero se nota la diferencia en las revoluciones bajas y sube mas alta. me gusto mucho! muchas gracias

Nissan - Primastar - 1.9 DCI 82pk

By: Piet on 19-10-2012

Nissan - Primastar - 1.9 DCI 82pkje sprak me aan omdat je zag dat mijn auto "slechts" 80 pk had. ik heb er even over na moeten denken, maar na onze afspraak (en de herprogrammering) was meteen duidelijk dat het verschil er...

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You can add your own driving experience. Would you prefer that we do this for you, please send an e-mail, possibly including photographs, to info@atm-chiptuning.es.

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